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dCacheView is a web interface that provides access to your data in the dCache Grid Storage. You can use it to easily upload, download, view, manage and share your files.

Please note: this interface is still under development.

Link Authentication Optimized for API link Username/password, macaroon speed & compatibility /api/v1 Username/password, macaroon security /api/v1 Certificate, proxy speed & compatibility /api/v1 Certificate, proxy security /api/v1

Access with macaroon token

If you do not have a certificate, proxy or username to access dCache but someone gave you a macaroon token to access data, you can paste the token in the field below, then press enter:

After that, don't log in but instead click on the hamburger menu (1) in the top right corner, then on the Shares icon (2).
1: 2:

Documentation and support

We have documentation about our dCache storage instance.

If you have any questions, please contact .